A Comes First

Extraordinary Expectation (2013), light and sound installation, Phillip Schulze, Christophe Giffard and Thomas Hatcher, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse
Auto-reverse (2013), wall drawing in video and audio tape, George Eskts, Fondation Ecureuil, Toulouse

Pitztal (2012), sculpture dif. materials, Claudia Mann, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse

I've been wanting to update the blog all week long and now I just find time to do it.

Toulouse is currently running its International Art Festival and here are a few artists whose work I appreciated most:

  • the collaborative work of Phillip Schulze, Christophe Giffard and Thomas Hatcher, in which soundscapes I appreciated to get lost; 
  • the work of George Esksts, whose drawing with black and white lines of tapes I liked;
  • the work of Claudia Mann, whose sculptures made of different materials reminded me of the "texture" pictures of derelict walls of sorts I like to take while walking around towns
I used to know this festival as Printemps de Septembre and enjoyed  going around those art galleries, museums and venues more than once. It is a shame that art galleries are no longer part of the festival - however, it is still a great opportunity to walk around the city and discover contemporary artists as well as visiting some of the most beautiful venues in Toulouse.

A Comes First - Toulouse International Art Festival
24 May, 23 June 2013


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