Le mouvement de l'air

I am so happy I could see Adrien M/Claire B's production Le mouvement de l'air last month. 

And I felt even more lucky to have had tickets as I realized they were performing only 4 days before the actual show. So here's the teaser and I can tell you it is nothing compared to the emotion one can feel while watching the real performance. Mesmerizing and dreamlike. Virtual and visual poetry. We were all standing still, gaping and amazed, spellbound eyed audience hardly holding its breath and restraining from clapping its hands every five minutes. You could hear oohs and aahs and people gasping in admiration. We felt like we were 5 again and nobody had warned us we would be dumbstruck, a kiddo at the zoo, first time at the circus, acrobats in the air, eyes glittering and mouth wide open.
I had the best time watching this performance. I had the best time watching dance, where digital art and live performance intersect. I can but recommend going to see it as soon as the opportunity arises.

Magic, that was magic.

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