Inspire - /ɛ̃spiʀ/
Inspire - breathe in.
Inspire - be inspired.

Inspir(e) is a blog dedicated to my drawings and paintings.
It is the French word for breath but also for creative inspiration. In yoga philosophy, it symbolizes the city and springtime.
I was born in spring and am mostly influenced by cities. I love nothing more than the buzzing, vibrant cities, their derelict walls, secret doors and streets and feel mostly inspired by its dynamics.

I am a self taught artist, former musician, who graduated in english literature.
Music, literature and writing hence play a great part in my graphics.
While I started painting with acrylic and always made my own colours, I now tend to use a mix of different mediums such as chalk, charcoal, felt-tip markers and sometimes glitter. I still use acrylic paint though mainly black and white colours.
I favour uncluttered aesthetics and enjoy natural shades of grey, black, white or kraft.

If you are interested by my paintings, please feel free to contact me for collaboration, exhibition or any sort of creative project.

I would love to hear from you,


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